Shaving will only continue the cycle. Shaving the hair strips natural oils from the skin.

Shaving vs De-shedding Facts and Myths


June 12, 2014

Myth- “Bathing is bad for dogs. It should only be done once a year.”

Fact – Bathing with harsh chemicals like dish liquid or even baby shampoo is very damaging to the skin of both dogs and cats.   Our pets have a different ph balance (6.5 to 7) than humans (5.5).        ISB line was formulated on exhaustive  research which shows that the oil,  or sebum, on canine and feline skin and hair is essential and necessary to protect them from bacteria, pollutants, and other  environmental factors.  If you  do not  replenish this necessary  layer of  protection,  problems such as dryness, itching, skin problems and health issues  begin to occur.  With ph  balanced  ISB shampoos, balsams and therapy   treatments, you may bathe daily.  These products are safe to use on puppies and kittens.

Complaint – “Shave him down, He has dry skin.”
Fact – Shaving will only continue the cycle.   Shaving the hair strips natural oils from the skin.

Complaint – “It’s too hot for my dog to have hair.”
Fact – Hair is a sun and wind barrier. The hair will raise and lower to insulate or ventilate the animal when cold or over-heated.

Complaint -  “I can’t afford to have haircuts all the time.”
Solution - Ask your pet stylist about low cost maintenance brush-outs with  no bath or trimming, nail trims, and ear cleaning.

Complaint –  “My pet hates being groomed, I don’t want to put him  through it again so soon.”
Fact – Dogs love routine, Cats are another matter  entirely. Regular visits help alleviate unknown fears and maximize skin health.   Proper and ethical handling leads to a calm, or in some cases exuberant, and happy pet.

Complaint – “He won’t let me brush him.”
Fact -We offer free brushing and de-matting   lessons as  well as a low cost brush and comb set you can use at  home.   Schedule your lessons like an appointment.

Complaint - “Just shave him down.”
Fact – Shaving  strips the skin and hair of  natural oils, clogs pores and exposes the skin to bacteria, pollutants and harmful UV rays.  These factors intensify itching, allergies and irritation.  Length of hair will not reduce allergies for you or your pet. regular and proper cleansing of the skin will.

Complaint – “It grows too fast”.
Fact – Shaving will not slow growth, it  will  compound skin  irritation and may lead to future problems.

Complaint - “I can’t handle all the shedding, just shave the hair  off.”
Fact – Hair growth is cyclical. Shaving means shorter,  pin-like hairs everywhere as well as the danger of  exposing the skin to bacteria and  pollutants as well as harmful UV rays. A good pet technician can remove 85-95% of the loose hair on your pet and leave him/her shiny and hydrated.

For more information see the article “The Elusive Allergy, A Different Approach”

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