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Why Go Mobile?

By Demrie Alonzo

June 8, 2018


More and more dog owners are going mobile as people realize it's often a better situation for their pet. The van comes to your door and your pet gets a one-on-one treatment and then saunters back inside their home. For this reason alone, many people prefer mobile grooming to going into a salon.

There are many other reasons to go mobile. There are those dogs that get car sick, even if you drive a block away. Taking them to a salon isn't an option if they will soil themselves after their groom on the way home. Mobile grooming removes that problem entirely. 

Another reason to go mobile is separation anxiety. You aren't dropping them off at a strange place and picking them up hours later. They don't go any further than their own driveway and the whole process is over within a much shorter time. 

There are also those dogs that can't handle being in a salon with a bunch of barking dogs and are terrified the whole time. In the mobile van, they are the only dog and they are given all the attention.

Some dogs are aggressive toward other dogs, so the mobile is the best option for them as well. 


One of the best reasons to go mobile is the one-on-one relationship between the groomer and the dog. There is nothing to distract the groomer or the dog, so they often develop a very close relationship of trust and love. 


Everything needed is right in the mobile van, from the high-power ultra massage to the blow dryer and grooming table. 

There are no cages in the mobile unit! Many dogs panic inside a cage, especially if they came from the Humane Society where their lives were in cages. 


Senior pets also benefit from the mobile experience, cutting down on the amount of time they have to stand in place. Many elderly pets are unable to get around and develop sores or matted coats and the owners don't want to put them through the stress of going to a noisy salon. The mobile unit removes all those barriers and makes it a quick, loving process.

Finally, there is the ease of the service. Pet owners don't have to work their day around taking their dog to a salon and going back several hours later or waiting for a phone call telling them when they can pick up their dog. 

If you would like to try mobile grooming for your pet, give us a call at 419.210.dogs (3647)

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