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Flea Season is Here: Are You Prepared?

By Linda Carr

March 15, 2020

Did you know that a single female flea can produce over ten thousand fleas in less than thirty days? Do you really want her in your home? Of course not. We don't want our pets to suffer from flea attacks nor do we want our families scratching at flea bites. It's not enough just to treat your pets. Many fleas live in the grass in your yard and hitch a ride on anything and anyone coming inside. 

The usual flea treatments of even just a year ago are already not working for many pet owners. The fleas become resistant so newer and stronger products are produced each year. Some of these products have dangerous chemicals in the them that your pet could have a negative reaction to. Read the labels. Test a small amount in an area that your pet can't get to and then check it after 12 and 24 hours to make sure they don't have any kind of skin reaction. Too many pets die each year from a reaction to flea treatments that are legally on the market, but there's no way to know how your pet will react without doing a sample test. This could save the life of your beloved pet.Fleas Fleas Fleas

A CBS News report that came out in 2014 said there were over 1,100 cat deaths and 872 dog deaths that year alone from prescribed flea products. So make sure you test the product first before administering a full dose on your pet. And remember, many dog-safe flea products are NOT cat-safe. If the label doesn't say, then ask your vet.

Some pets might require natural remedies, such a Brewer's yeast treats or garlic tablets, but these homeopathic remedies don't always work. 

Treating your yard with a spray is an option, but again, if your pet is prone to reacting to things, don't let them on the grass for at least 24 hours. 

Treat your home as well. There are many "safe" treatments in the market today, such as Fleabusters. This product is made of fine crystals that stick to furniture and carpeting and won't vacuum up. These crystals dehydrate fleas and they die. It is entirely safe for pets and people and has a long record of success.

There are other safe remedies to use in your home. Check out some of them by clicking here:  REMEDIES

It is highly recommended that you not purchase a flea product from a pet store or big box store but instead consult with your veterinarian. Your vet will know what products are currently working and which ones are not. Then read up on the products to make sure you understand the chemicals involved and the risks. 

The one thing you cannot do is ignore the problem. Fleas can cause anemia and severe allergic reactions in pets and people. And don't forget how many fleas one female can produce in just thirty days!



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