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Doodle Pricing


Linda's Grooming Palace specializes in all types of doodles. Since I am a labradoodle breeder, I am very familiar with the coat and care needs of a doodle. Here is my pricing for doodles:

  • Small Doodles (under 30 lbs.) start at $95
  • Medium Doodles (31-55 lbs.) start at $105
  • Large Doodles (56-75 lbs.) start at $110
  • X-large Doodles (over 75 lbs.) start at $115

Some people choose to have a bath and tidy-up between grooming appointments.

Bath & Tidy-Up pricing:

Pricing includes face and feet tidy up

Mini Doodles/Poodles start at $85

Standard Poodles/Doodles start at $100

Doodles come in various sizes and hair types, so this is a general price guide. 

Magnolia the LabradoodleHudson

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