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Doodle Pricing


Linda's Grooming Palace specializes in all types of doodles. Since I am a labradoodle breeder, I am very familiar with the coat and care needs of a doodle. Here is my pricing for doodles:

** Please note that pricing can vary depending on coat condition, breed, size, weight and even the behavior of your dog.  The groomer will determine the correct pricing of your dog's groom.

This pricing includes: Hydro-massage bath using high quality shampoos and conditioners based your your dog's individual needs, anal gland expression (only if needed), high velocity blow dry, brush/comb out, ears cleaned, ears plucked (if needed), nail trim, sani trim, breed specific haircut, bandanna or bow, and cologne.

  • Small Doodles (under 25 lbs.) starts at $95
  • Medium Doodles (under 50 lbs.) starts at $105
  • Large Doodles (under 70) starts at $110
  • X-large Doodles (over 70 lbs.) starts at $115

Some people choose to have a bath and tidy-up between grooming appointments.


Pricing includes face and feet tidy up (NO TRIMMING)

  • Small Doodles (under 25 lbs.) start at $85
  • Medium Doodles (under 50 lbs.) start at $95
  • Large Doodles (under 70) start at $100
  • X-large Doodles (over 70 lbs.) start at $105


Doodles come in various sizes and hair types, so this is a general price guide. 

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