Testimonials - Linda's Grooming Palace


- Holli S. CoxLexington, Ohio

"Lizzie looks beautiful! You did a great job on her and I know she is not easy to do! You are the best groomer I have had work on her and I know she is in good hands with you. Love this mobile grooming service! Thanks again for coming today and making her look and smell so wonderful!"

- Holli S. Cox
Lexington, Ohio

"Linda's Mobile Grooming is a caring and loving environment that Abby looks forward to each time! It is so convenient and wonderful to have them show up at your door! I wouldn't have it any other way!! Abby gets her one on one attention and comes out looking fabulous!!!! I highly recommend them!"

- Susan

"The time, patience and care that Linda's Mobile Grooming Palace takes when grooming my large, slightly shy Labradoodle puts my mind to ease. He is so excited when he sees the van pull into the drive!

He always comes out of the van looking so handsome and smelling wonderful. I also appreciate how the staff lets me know when they suspect anything is going on with him, especially his ears, as he is prone to yeast infections. I highly recommend Linda's Mobile Grooming Palace."

- Tabitha H.

"Just had our cockapoo groomed today and am very pleased with the level of professionalism and attention given to our dog. What a great and affordable service to have in this area! Have tried other groomers locally but haven't been satisfied. Very, very satisfied with Linda's Grooming Palace!"

- Tiffany

"I love the service this company provides! The groomer knows her business and does a great job. The grooming takes between 1 to 1.5 hours and it's done right in our driveway. Our dog is happy as well as me; no waiting for phone calls to pick her up or traveling in bad weather. I have been using this service since the beginning of 2013. I give Linda's Grooming Service an A+!"

- Jaimie Kunecke

"We called Linda's Mobile Grooming Palace and spoke with the owner, Linda. It was easy to set up an appointment for the next week. She gave me a price right over the phone and described the service and what to expect. On the day of the appointment the groomer arrived on time with a large van with all the amenities one would expect in a groomer's salon. She came in and introduced herself, familiarized herself with our two toy poodles and lab, and asked pertinent questions about their personalities and health.
The "Grooming Palace" is in excellent condition. She invited me to tour the inside and I found it to be clean, comfortable and warm. It doesn't give the feeling of a cold, sterile environment like some grooming salons. The dogs were taken out one at a time for their grooming so there's no waiting in a cage or air drying time. When the dog was finished the groomer came to the door to retrieve the next one and so on. The grooming was outstanding and the dogs looked great.
Linda's Mobile Grooming Palace provides an invaluable service to pet owners and we are thrilled to have discovered her! No stressful travel to a groomer, strange place, or long wait in a kennel. In fact I refused to allow our dogs to spend hours in a kennel while they waited to be groomed and just made poor attempts at grooming them myself at home. Linda's Mobile Grooming palace not only provides outstanding service at a reasonable price, but also a stress free environment as they pampered our pets. Their love of animals is obvious and shows in their care."

- Angie Hoptry

"We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Linda's Mobil Grooming! Our golden retrievers love her and are always glad to go to her van. They come back into the house with a happy prance and a golden smile. She has always shown herself to be a true professional in all of our experiences with her. I rescue and foster golden retrievers and she takes GREAT care with these very special dogs to make sure they are comfortable and happy. I would highly recommend Linda's Mobil Grooming to anyone that's looking for a professional groomer that does a great job AND loves animals! "

- Susie Harlan

"I wanted my Yorkie trimmed down for the summer (not shaved). Linda cut her PERFECTLY !! I'm so happy with the care she gave to my Gracie, she was so gentle. Gracie is shy and gets stressed easy. This is the first time she wasn't upset. You cant' miss how much Linda loves dogs. Thank you. "

- Patti Stroud

"I have a senior dog who gets very upset when I had to take her to the groomer. The car ride is usually awful for her and she's a mess by the time we get there. I saw Linda's van over at a neighbor of mine so I thought I would give her a try. It took me a week before I could get Mia in.....but sooooo worth the wait. Great experience for her. When she came into the house she looked great and smelled amazing. I was very pleased. I went ahead and scheduled her next visit with Linda. See you in June.

- Christa Pirc

"I called Linda because I have a heart patient that Petsmart will no longer do. I also have a biter, lol! She arrived on time and did a wonderful job with both dogs! Very professional and great with the pups! If you love your pet, can u really put a price on how clean and beautiful they are?? Excellent job!! I thought the price was very fair and even had enough to leave a tip! Thanx again Linda and see you in May!"

- Shelly

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