Linda's Story

Linda’s Grooming Palace started September 1, 2011 after a long history of having a genuine love of animals.  I can remember as a young girl bringing home every stray animal I would find, only to hear,

"Linda, you know you can't keep it honey."

I’ve always had dogs, and today I have four beautiful dogs that keep me busy and very happy.  Growing up, I always thought I would become a veterinarian.  That dream changed at 18 when I went to school to become a teacher. I was a teacher for 24 years and loved the profession. I taught in Canada, Barranquilla, South America and Mansfield City Schools before making a big career change at 45 years old to become a Pet Stylist!

I decided to become a groomer in the summer of 2010 after picking up my 2 dogs from a new groomer.  My original groomer wasn't available, so instead of waiting till she got back, I took them somewhere else. Well...when I picked up the dogs and walked them to the car I noticed that they both were missing their rear furnishings. She had shaved off their feathering (golden retriever and collie mix), without my permission!!! I was so upset and disappointed in their groom! I thought to myself that day that I could certainly do a much better job!  Ironically, a couple of days later I saw an episode on Cesar Milan's television program on Animal Planet about Mobile Grooming and that set in motion my dream of working with dogs and starting a mobile grooming business. I decided then that I would always be a groomer that listens to clients requests and would do my best to meet the needs of each client according to what they want for their own dog, and that I would never shave down or do anything to someone's sweet pet without discussing it with the owner first.  I worked hard at  my new business and  for two years I taught by day and groomed by night and on the weekends.  By 2013 I retired from teaching to commit to Linda’s Grooming Palace full-time.

I went to grooming school before I started my business and have continued to educate myself with grooming seminars and conferences to keep abreast of the new trends and styles. I have the ability and desire to make each dog look their best. I love what I do and look forward to each new day and each dog that I work with

My business has grown into two mobile vans and a growing clientele. However, I will not compromise my initial desire to do what is best for the dogs that we service.  My staff of groomers share the same passion and love for grooming that I do.  

If you choose Linda's Grooming Palace you are choosing me and the groomers I’ve trained to groom the way I do. We will always do our best for you and your precious pet.


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